" Witch Marks" – Gemma Gary

by Barry William Hale on December 26, 2015


Since the publishing of books on the subjects of witchcraft, magic and folklore has become a dominant occupation, my visual work has, by necessity, adapted from painting, sculpting and object making into ink line drawings and pointillism. As book illustrations, these images are representative, visual ‘documentaries’ of actual magical practices, ritual, magical objects, sacredloci and talismanic signs.

The ‘documentary’ nature of the of actual magical practices, ritual, magical objects, sacred loci and talismanic signs. The ‘documentary’ nature of the work is emphasised by its co-relationship with photography. Within my ongoing collaboration with Jane Cox, my praxis often forms the focus of photographic art; record- ing magic and ritual. In turn, elements of these images form the focus of my work with ink where the hand’s formation of line and the repetitive pointillist action provide meditative opportunities. -GG

Gemma Gary is a British “Old Craft” initiate, occultist, artist and writer and trustee of the “Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft”. She is a well respected authority of witchcraft and folk magical traditions with particular focus on these traditions found in Devonshire and Cornwall. She a prolific author her books have been produced by some of the leading esoteric publication houses such as 'Three Hands Press' & 'Troy books', as well as contributing regularly to esoteric anthologies.

Gemma has an artistic practice which is integrated into her ongoing esoteric work.
Her Art embodies her scholarly research and her intimate initatic understanding of her informing spiritual traditions. -BWH


Her published works include
-The Devil’s Dozen – Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One
-Wisht Waters – Aqueous Magica and the Cult of Holy Wells
-The Charmer’s Psalter
-The Black Toad –
-West Country Witchcraft & Magic With Foreword by Michael Howard-Traditional "
-Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways